Medical Electronics

Pulse Oxymeter

Minimally invasive cardiology procedures translate to increasing number of patients being operated in a limited period of time. This leads to logistics issues in hospitals. The number of beds in Intensive Care Units of hospitals simply cannot cope up with the number of patients requiring post-operative care thereby limiting the number of operations that can be performed by cardiologists.

Quantum Group in conjunction with leading cardiologists arrived at the conclusion that the most important data that needed to be monitored is the patient’s blood oxygen levels (SpO2). A sudden drop in the SpO2 levels of a post-operative patient was closely linked with deterioration in the patient’s condition and usually led to post-operative complications.

A wearable device developed by Quantum Group when worn on the patients’ wrist and finger, gives accurate pulse and SpO2 readouts. Wi-Fi enabled, the device sends constant updates to the nurse’s station, allowing remote monitoring of the patient's vital statistics.

Now, post-operative care can be done in a regular ward and cardiologists can perform more operations.