Industrial IoT

Industrial IoT

Today, industries are increasingly relying on speed and accuracy of decision making. This information coupled with the ability to reach the right person/expert at the right time irrespective of their location ensures measurable performance improvement. Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) is the driving force that addresses this need.

Industrial IoT involves three steps: Sense, analyze and act. Sensors report the status of inventory or equipment, systems analyze the data and then businesses take action based on what they interpret from the data.

Industries rely on field devices to monitor process parameters. Extending this capability through IIoT enables:

  • Monitoring of asset health in plants
  • Monitoring energy Consumption
  • Review work processes
  • Remote configuration
  • Mobility


ARGO HYTOS, SWITZERLAND: Order Wizard Hytos produces hydraulic valves and fluid control systems, which are often used as components in other engineering products. The sales people need to be very highly qualified engineers to be able to suggest the correct configuration of hydraulic pump with valves, filtration system, AC/ DC motor etc, to their clients. We have developed Internet based configuration software for the Power Pack product and for the Fluid Controlling product, to be used by end users and OEMs. The order wizard throws out a engineering diagram at the end of the selection, which clients can use to integrate into their own CAD diagrams.