Industrial IoT

Industrial IoT

Long before the word IOT became fashionable, the Quantum Group took a decision to use the synergies of it's Web Services and Software teams to add value to it's Hardware and Embedded Systems products. It is now standard operating procedure to have online reporting for all products designed by the group.

Hawkeye GPS: uses a web interface to provide digital maps and reports and allows users to track its services on the go. Starting around 2004, an Operations officer regularly tracked the movement of his Bank's Cash Vans on his mobile, while travelling by train.

MCGM: officials use our tracking and reporting services to monitor that garbage trucks have completed their routes and picked up bins as mandated

Currency Note Presses: around the country use our bespoke systems in an isolated, closed environment to track the movement of paper and currency notes.

A major multi national company uses our technology to empower pay per use while dispensing water by the glass in Indonesia.

Eureka Forbes: uses our technology to track maintenance, repairs and replacement of parts in their water purifiers.

What is Industrial IoT?

Today, industries are increasingly relying on speed and accuracy of decision making. This information coupled with the ability to reach the right person/expert at the right time irrespective of their location ensures measurable performance improvement. Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) is the driving force that addresses this need.

Industrial IoT involves three steps: Sense, analyze and act. Sensors report the status of inventory or equipment, systems analyze the data and then businesses take action based on what they interpret from the data.

Industries rely on field devices to monitor process parameters. Extending this capability through IIoT enables:

  • Monitoring of asset health in plants
  • Monitoring energy Consumption
  • Review work processes
  • Remote configuration
  • Mobility