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Benefits of QD GPS System
Advantages of Hawkeye Automatic Vehicle Locator System:

The Hawkeye Vehicle Tracking system / Vehicle search is a ready product, comprising fully debugged hardware and software. The system has been developed in-house and belongs solely to us. We own the code and the IPR. We have the rights and the capability to modify it if required. There is a significant cost advantage in using our software. All our software is developed on the Open Source Platform. Hence there are no royalties payable to anybody else and modifications can be made quite easily.

1) The Hawkeye hardware unit consists of GPS and GSM (GPRS can replace GSM) modules and proprietary embedded software and hardware. It is compact and rugged, built to withstand the vagaries of the weather and rough terrain.

The hardware unit is mounted on the vehicle to be tracked. It is a 'plug and play' device and installation is a relatively simple matter which can be undertaken by a mechanic with basic knowledge of the automobile. The unit has 2 wires, one which is to be connected to the battery or any other 12 V power source (the cigarette lighter socket is an option), the other links the unit to the GPS & GSM antennas. The unit is most regularly fitted under the dashboard or in the bumper of the vehicle. The antennas should be fitted in a location which allows them to be visible to the sky. They can however, be placed under fibre-glass.

2) Hawkeye software consists of:
  • Embedded Software inside the Hawkeye AVLS hardware unit. This software has been developed by us. Another unique advantage of our software is that we compress the data and send up to 20 positions/vehicle locations in a single SMS.
  • The Control Station Software receives the SMS from the Vehicle unit and sends the positional data received from the SMS, to the Internet server. This software can be modified to show each vehicle on a map in the Control Station, send diagnostic messages to the vehicle unit and even send commands to immobilize the vehicle. The end-user can send a signal via the Control station to change the time span between SMS's, thus increasing the no. of SMS's that are sent during a critical period and increasing the time gap between SMS's when constant monitoring is not required. As the software is developed in-house, we can engineer various changes when the business logic dictates it. E.g. GSM can be changed to GPRS if a change in tariff makes it advantageous to do so.
  • The Web Server Software plots the position of the vehicle on a GIS map on the internet and enables anybody with a user id and password to login and view the current location of the vehicle. There is an option to view the progress of the vehicle on the entire route. The standard data displayed is position, direction and speed. The versatility of our software can be gauged from the fact that we use a single Unix server to host our web server, tracking software, database and GIS software. There are no license fees associated with any of the programs we use eg we have used Perl as the programming language, the database we use is MySql, and the webserver is Apache. All these are Open Source. They have proved to be fast, efficient and stable. Vendors who develop similar software on other platforms typically require a minimum of 4 servers: a dedicated server for GIS mapping software, a dedicated web-server, a dedicated server to host the business logic and a dedicated server to host the database. These servers and applications are usually proprietary and attract 'per user' license fees. Eg. Development on the Microsoft platform would require: Dedicated server to host an Oracle database, IBM's Websphere server to host the business logic, a dedicated GIS server to host a mapping software eg ESRI and a dedicated webserver - IIS on Windows 2000.
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