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Case Studies
Singh Roadlines, MP
Singh Roadlines is the main goods transportation contractor for the B. K. Birla group and they utilize an expensive fleet of highly specialized pneumatic bulker trucks to transport fly ash from the power plant to the Birla cement factory and back. QDnet provided a custom solution that helped reduce the round trip time of these trucks from 48 to 54 hours to less than 36 hours, through customized reports

Company Background
Singh Roadlines (of the SRBH Engineering Pvt. Ltd. group) is a major project engineering and civil construction company. This group has been working with various plants in various group companies such as B. K. Birla, Kesoram Cement. Century Cement, Maihar Cement, Manikgarh Cement, Century paper & Pulp Lalkuan, JP Rewa, JP Bela, Satna Cement, Prism cement and Heidelberg Group. They are the biggest transport contractor in Maihar, Madhya Pradesh and has a major presence in Uttarakhand, Chattisgarh, Maharashtra and Orissa.

Unique Requirement
Singh Roadlines is the main goods transportation contractor to the B. K. Birla. For the purpose of carrying fly ash from the power plant to the Birla cement factory and back, Singh Roadlines has created a fleet of highly specialized pneumatic bulker trucks. However, these vehicles are highly expensive and so the company needs a fast turn around. They needed to have full purview of the round trip, including the route chosen by the driver, average speed, number of stops and reports on detours taken by drivers. And since they always have 100s of trucks on the road, it is not possible to be vigilant of every vehicle at every moment in the day. Instead they needed a system to efficiently pull up the defaulters.

The QDnet Solution
QDnet designed a customized GPS solution that assigns an individual median time to journeys between six specified locations on the route. If any journey exceeds the max specified time, it shows up as an exception and management staff receive an exception report. Thus the management need only look into those cases where drivers are not delivering on time. Since this reporting system is accurate and the truck’s location is always known, this deters this deters drivers from taking detours to theirs villages en route or unnecessary wasting of time on the way. After fitting QDnet’s equipment and implementing the custom designed exception reporting system, the round trip time has considerably reduced from 48 to 54 hours to less than 36 hours.


QDnet’s Hawkeye Vehicle Tracking System can be used in this way for fleet management and extended control of expensive mobile assets. Getting customized reports and location updates can help increase revenue through streamlined processes, higher accountability, better resource management and informed decision making.

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