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Case Studies
Microscan Computers Pvt. Ltd
Microscan Computer, provider of fiber optic cables to several high profile service providers was in need of an efficient method to track their service vehicles and obtain live reports from their clients regarding the progress of their service engineers. QDnet’s Haweye Vehicle Tracking system made this possible.

Company Background
Microscan is a leading provider of fiber networks, IT services, surveillance and wide area network services. They construct and maintain extensive fiber optic infrastructures in and around Mumbai, Navi Mumbai, Pune and various other strategic locations. Some of their clients include Aircel, Tata Power, Vodafone Essar, Bharti Airtel, BPL, Boom systems, etc.

Unique Requirement
Since Microscan leases fiber optic cables to high profile service providers such as Vodafone, Airtel, Loop Mobile, etc. Since these service providers have great liability to their thousands of customers, Microscan has signed a very strict SLA (Service Level Agreement) that requires Service Engineers with equipment to report at the fault site with 1 hour of the fault being reported. Thus Microscan management needs to know the location of all its’ service vehicles at every point of time. They also needed a reliable system to log their client’s confirmation of the service vehicle’s presence at the fault site.

The QDnet Solution
QDnet recognized the need for location updates for the client as well as the client’s clients. To satisfy this need, modifications were made in the way the web based program is used to give both parties separate access. All service vehicles were fitted with the QDnet’s Hawkeye Vehicle Tracking system, this enables Microscan to locate the vehicle that is closest to a new fault site and ensure that a service vehicle reaches the site within an hour of the fault report. Microscan’s clients are also given a username and password which they use to confirm and monitor the services vehicles’ presence at the fault location. To prevent future damage, Microscan uses motorbikes fitted with QDnet’s Hawkeye Vehicle tracking system to patrol roads where the optic fiber cables have been laid. These patrollers check for unauthorized and authorized excavation activity as there exits a possibility for the cable being damaged. The patrollers report the excavations and Microscan’s clients confirm the stretches patrolled by these motorbikes.

QDnet’s Hawkeye Vehicle Tracking System can be used in this way for fleet management, client servicing and also MIS and ERP integration. Getting strategic information reports and location updates can enable better decision making and more efficient resource management.

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