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Case Studies
Gaist, UK
The Municipalities of the United Kingdom needed a system to help them manage the highways drainage crews employed by the local authorities that provide gully emptying and drain cleaning services. QDnet created has created a custom solution that provides multi-dimentional reports and live updates.

Company Background
Gaist is a leader in innovative web-based collaborative management systems, which provides the Municipalities of the United Kingdoms with a range of consultancy and innovative solutions to enable more effective management of their transport infrastructure assets and resources.

The transport infrastructure management includes:
Highways (roads, pavements, bridges, streetworks, surface water, underground
Traffic (road signs, traffic routes & diversions, event management)
Emergencies (flooding; planning for, incident command, risk assessments)
Road safety (patrol crossings, slippery road surfaces)

Unique Requirement
The local Governments in the UK often have to be able to prove that a gully was cleaned by the appointed highway drainage crew at a particular time, to ensure that they're not hit with large insurance claims. To prove this and provide for proper highway management, they needed to monitor the highways drainage crews employed by the local authorities that provide gully emptying and drain cleaning services. Due to the sheer quantity of cleaning crews and the many levels of authority reviewing the reports, the UK Municipalities needed a solution that was live, accurate, efficient and easy to use. Gaist is a consultant to the Municipalities of the UK for their street management projects. When they began the project with QDnet, they discovered the need for a reporting system so that local authorities can monitor faults, get accurate geographical details about cleaning cycles and get notifications about which areas were not cleaned (and why) in real time.

The QDnet Solution
QDnet developed an ergonomic system with Gaist’s unique requirements in mind. The units that were fitted on gully cleaning crew’s trucks needed to be simple so that the operator could concentrate on the task at hand without worrying about operating the reporting system. Therefore, these units do not feature complicated keyboard entry interfaces with multiple menus and several buttons; instead they are straightforward, easy to use and interface directly to the gully cleaner’s control box and monitors which pumps are being used e.g. the vacuum pump for emptying the clogged drain or the high speed jet for pressure cleaning or the slow speed jet for washing.

QDnet recognized the local authorities’ need for some kind of reporting system to monitor operations and check any faults, and provided these through enhanced web-access reports. So these GIS enabled GPS boxes interface directly with a web server, providing the Municipal authorities with live updates regarding the location and activities of each cleaning crew. QDnet’s system provides reports that show which locations were cleaned and which ones weren’t along with the reason for this. Previously such detailed reports were only available 3 days later and it was impossible to know any crew’s exact location. The system also provides multi-dimensioned reports that enable the local authorities to optimize the use of their scarce resources efficiently eg. by providing statistical information on which gully has to be cleaned more often than others, at which time of the year. The QDnet system provides all the required data and reports in real time, revolutionizing the way such data and the corresponding resources are used.

Our GIS data mining systems are extremely accurate and can be used to provide statistical information analysis and multi-dimensional reports with several levels of versatility. Some of our other projects include the use of GIS technologies to manage underground street utilities and bus-stops. This provides for more efficient utilization of scarce resources and better decision making.

GIS Street Management   Product Customization   Use our Hardware
Our data mining systems have efficiently aided bus, resource and underground utility management...   Synthesize your own customized GPS product using our elegant hardware and software solutions...   Make our systems work for
you by utilizing our seamless and
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