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Case Studies
CNBC, Mumbai - Click to View The Testimonials
CNBC is a leading business news broadcaster; their current production premise is in Mumbai. QDnet has provided them with a customized GPS solution so that dispatchers can easily see the location of every news van with a click and send the closest one to the scene of a news story as it breaks; a very valuable asset in the media industry.

Company Background
CNBC (officially the Consumer News and Business Channel) is a (U.S. owned) satellite and cable television business news channel which owns and operates 2 local business channels in India viz. CNBC-TV18 and CNBC Awaaz. Their main broadcasting and production premise in India is based in Mumbai. CNBC was the first business news channel launched in India and still the leads that genre. Being a leader in its’ field, this channel always has plenty Outdoor Broadcasting Crew vans or news vans and reporters around Mumbai.

Unique Requirement
With several news vans and reports always on the move, CNBC used to reply on traditional methods such as paper logs and phone calls to find out the location of its’ news vans. However, these methods are not accurate and far from reliable. In emergency situations, it was not easy to locate a news van easily. Thus CNBC needed a solution to find their vehicles easily. The also wanted to easily check the drivers speed and disputable issue like employee pick-up times.

The QDnet Solution
QDnet has developed a custom GPS system by which certain CNBC employees can see location of all news vans, at all times. CNBC uses this system to send the Outdoor Broadcasting Crew vans to the site of breaking news stories. By this method, the dispatcher can see the location of all his mobile assets at the click of a button and dispatch the closest ones to the scene of the event. This has proved invaluable in the 2008 bomb blasts. Also, the rate of accidents had considerably decreased as the drivers do not over speed because they are aware that they are being monitored. The implementation of this system has resolved timing disputes between drivers and employees during pickup. The success of Qdnet’s GPS system has been so outstanding that CNBC has now decided to equip the Delhi fleet with this system too.

QDnet’s Hawkeye Vehicle Tracking System can be used in this way to effectively manage a fleet or group of mobile assets, where time is the most important factor. Current location updates, where time is a highly crucial factor (as in having a reporter on the scene when a news story breaks) can be the fulcrum of your success.

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