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HISTORY - Past, Present and Future
After a string of violent crimes and miss haps
involving commercial vehicles, the Indian
Government mandated the installation of
Gps devices in most commercial vehicles especially
those transporting passengers.
Unfortunately, this movement lost momentum due to the lack of standardizations within the Gps units available on the markets. Worse still low-quality Chinese products quickly flooded the market to meet the demand. These units failed almost as quickly as they were installed and had no way to be connected to a centralized monitoring system.

To counter this menace the Government tasked the Automotive Research Association of India to come up with a specification to standardize GPS units being installed on commercial vehicles. AIS 140 is the latest evolution of this specification and requirements.

From the 1st April 2018, the Government published a notification stating that it was mandatory to fit AIS 140 compliant GPS devices to all Public Carriers in Kerala failing which the vehicles would not be granted a Fitness Certificate. Similarly, the government has floated tenders in Goa for the procurement of taxi meter and AIS 140 compliant GPS devices.

Watching this trend in combination with the growing concern for passenger safety and expansion of smart city projects, we envision that the Government will mandate the fitment of AIS 140 compliant GPS trackers to all commercial vehicles across the county. Taking this into account we would strongly suggest that you install only AIS 140 compliant GPS units in any commercial vehicles you wish to track for fleet management purposes.

QdNet & AIS 140
Qdnet is one of the oldest and most trusted names in the GPS Industry. For example, we were tracking cash vans back in the early 2000's, that was before the advent of google maps which is why we developed our cartography skills and till today we are one of the few companies who have their own maps!

All QDnet's systems have been developed in-house and belong solely to us. We own the code and the IPR. We have the rights and the capability to modify it as required. There is a significant cost advantage in using our software i.e all our software is developed on the Open Source Platforms. and hence there are no applicable royalties and infinite customizations are possible.

The Hawkeye AIS 140 compliant hardware unit consists of GPS and GSM (GPRS can replace GSM) modules and proprietary embedded software and hardware. It is compact and rugged, built to withstand the vagaries of the weather and rough terrain.

GIS Street Management   Product Customization   Use our Hardware
Our data mining systems have efficiently aided bus, resource and underground utility management...   Synthesize your own customized GPS product using our elegant hardware and software solutions...   Make our systems work for
you by utilizing our seamless and
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