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Automatic Vehicle Locator System
Uses of QD Hawkeye AVLS: Hawkeye is an Automatic Vehicle Locator System, which uses the GPS, GSM and SMS technologies to enable businesses to keep track of their fleets of vehicles. The system provides management with accurate information through MIS reports and can be interfaced with ERP and JIT systems to increase and monitor employee productivity and efficiency. Hawkeye is available in both on-line and off-line variations.

1.  The Hawkeye AVLS is for applications which require continuous monitoring.
  • Trucking: There are multiple benefits of using the Hawkeye AVLS in the trucking sector.
    • Better route planning and vehicle utilization
    • Benefits in utilising Just-In-Time systems for ordering raw materials
    • Better Storage and Warehouse management
    • Monitors drivers' irregular behavior: route deviation, unscheduled stops, long breaks enroute, over-speed, etc.
  • Vehicles in Game Reserves and other desolate locations can be tracked and monitored.
  • Security vehicles (cash vans)
    • Alert button allows the driver to signal when he is under attack
    • Under 'Alert' conditions, continuous vehicle tracking every minute for 10 mins (even if SMS frequency is otherwise specified).
    • The Alert condition is automatically triggered if the wires to the power supply are cut.
    • Automatic door locking
    • 'Eves dropping' facility to listen in on drivers/ van occupants conversation
  • Courier services
    • Continuous monitoring of shipment location enables the company to provide reports to their clients and take decisions on alternate measures in case of a delay.
  • High value cars
    • The system is deterrent to theft.
  • BEST & ST buses
    • Arrival information and time can be accurately displayed at the bus stops along the route.
  • Farming
    • Tractors provided with GPS guidance systems are used for accurate ploughing, harvesting, spraying insecticides and fertilizers on specified areas, location and tagging of soil samples etc.
  • Tourist busses
    • A variation of the Hawkeye AVLS can be used to replace the requirement for multi-lingual guides in tourist busses. The GPS triggers a pre-recorded speech to be played automatically, when a tourist spot is reached. Different languages can be recorded on different tracks, allowing for better loading of passengers in the tourist busses.
  • Refrigerated Vans used for food, vaccines etc.
    • The temperature in the van can be displayed on the Internet and monitored continuously.
2. The Hawkeye Datalogger is an 0ff-line system which tracks and keeps a record of the route a vehicle has taken. It records time, stops and speed and has a play-back facility. This application is very useful in various scenarios:
  • Garbage disposal trucks: When the driver returns, the memory card can be removed from the truck and inserted into the computer in the office. Management can check whether the required stops have been made. This ensures that the driver picks up the garbage from every stop and that the garbage is dumped in the proper land fills.
  • Newspaper Delivery vans: Most newspapers currently employ an additional person to accompany the delivery van and note down the time each delivery is made. This is necessary as advertisers refuse to pay when newspapers are delivered late. The Datalogger keeps track of this information automatically and also provides proof when required.
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