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Solid Waste Collection Monitoring System

Mumbai generates over 10,000 metric tons of garbage every day. The Municipal Corporation of Greater Mumbai is responsible for collection and disposal of the garbage.

Quantum Group has developed a comprehensive solid waste collection tracking system that enables

  • Transparency
  • Accountability and
  • Efficiency

The system consists of:

  • GPS / GSM tracking system mounted on each garbage truck with UHF RFID Reader.
  • A comprehensive suite of Reports enables the Corporation to monitor various aspects of the Solid Waste Management operations.

The system monitors:

  • The number of vehicles used per day and their movement.
  • Completion of routes per day.
  • Number of Bins picked up per day.

An App facilitates redressal of consumer complaints by allowing consumers to register complaints to the control room online that despatches a truck to redress it. Once redressed, the system notifies the control room and the consumer that the case is closed.