Custom Applications

DITTO Dongle

Ditto Dongle Watching content on TV without the hassle of connections and wires is the need of today. The DITTO dongle is the answer to this need. The DITTO Dongle is a small device the size of a flash drive that plugs into a TVs HDMI port. The DITTO Dongle enables any TV to receive content over WiFi. It also allows storing of your favourite movies or serials, so that you can watch the same on a TV in locations without a WiFi (Eg. a hotel room).

The Problem

With travel-friendly streaming services capitalizing on the increasingly mobile consumer base, traditional set-top boxes have become unwieldy and outmoded, rooted as they are to one spot. Cable TV channels found themselves losing out to streaming services that are universally available, requiring nothing more than a Wi-Fi connection and a TV to facilitate their usage.

Our Solution

In consultation with the TV Channel operators, we came up with the concept of a DITTO dongle. This device is the size of the average pen drive. QDnet's product design for the Wireless Media Dongle, features innovative hardware, embedded systems and intuitive User Interface design which enables users to instantly access TV, Audio and Video content on HDMI devices (Smart TVs) which are capable of playing the same. The product also enhances the users’ experience by enabling the recording, rewinding, fast forwarding, pausing, downloading and storage of content. These features are completely unique and cannot be found on any other product of its kind on the market.

The dongle is provided by TV channel and cable TV operators to their consumers and is loaded with the consumers’ choice of channels. The consumer then pays for the selected bouquet of channels as they would with a traditional set-top box. Unlike a traditional set-top box, however, the DITTO dongle is completely portable and is conveniently pocket-sized. It can be used anywhere as long as there is an internet connection.

Smart Coolers

The retail point of purchase represents the time and place at which all elements of the sale - the consumer, the money and the product ­‑ come together.

Smart CoolersBranded coolers are supplied by FMCG companies to retailers with branded coolers to stock and sell their products. Typically soft drinks, beverages and perishable items such as ice creams, dairy and chocolates are stored in these coolers. The companies ensure that these coolers are located strategically to ensure maximum visibility.

However, once delivered to the retailer, these coolers are

  • Relocated within the retail outlet
  • Often used for storing other products
  • Switched off at night to save power or
  • Not maintained at correct temperatures

Branded coolers supplied by FMCG companies to retailers to stock and sell their products are often

  • Relocated within the retail outlet
  • Often used for storing other products
  • Switched off to save power or
  • Not maintained at correct temperatures

This results in lack of customer visibility, incorrect maintenance of temperatures, inedible products and cost of maintaining competitors products.

Quantum Group's Smart coolers have location, weight, temperature and door sensors. Wi-Fi and Bluetooth enabled, these sensors send back data to Quantum Group's servers that indicate

  • Change in location of the cooler within the store
  • Amount of goods stored in the cooler
  • Temperature of the cooler
  • Number of times cooler is opened in a day
  • Market Research / Sales personnel use an App to pair up their mobile devices with the cooler ensuring transparency in survey and sales data.

Smart Kiosk

Smart KioskDeveloped as an alternative to telecom retail outlets, Quantum Group's Smart Kiosks are equipped with a Biometric Scanner and are linked to the UIDAI database for verification of Customer identity.

These Smart Kiosks are capable of dispensing Mobile SIM Cards, Gift Certificates, Dispense Cash, receive payments via cash/ card and an optional passport scanner.

Compact in design, these kiosks can be wall mounted or installed on desktops.